Monday, November 27, 2006

Have Fun Being Solo, Little France

Dear Canadians,

Go ahead and let those Quebecer fucks cut out and make their own country. Face it, you hate them just as much as I do (at least every Canadian I've ever met has). They bring your whole nation down. They give you normal Canadians a bad name. Let them be free. I promise to visit Canada -- real Canada -- and never set foot in their snooty "country."

So you lose out on some mountains and maybe some beer, but there are plenty of other non-Quebec options around your great land. Plus, if you really need to, we can always do a little search for "weapons of mass destruction" and the place will be all yours once again.


PS I'm willing to give up Voivod and Men Without Hats in exchange for keeping Celine Dion and Simple Plan locked in the new nation -- physically and aurally. Deal? Deal.


DanaU said...

I'm not *officially* in charge of all Canadians or anything, but on behalf of my country, I totally accept this deal.

Lozo said...

what do you have against simple plan? do we get to keep avril in this deal? she's western, eh?

WJR said...

What do I have against Simple Plan? Um, they suck.

Hells yes, we get to keep Avril. She's from Ontario -- well within the boundaries of real Canada.

Anonymous said...

Vous ĂȘtes un AmĂ©ricain sourd-muet.


WJR said...

Keep that shit up, AP and you will find yourself drugged and mailed up to Quebec.

- Stacey - said...

I heart your brilliance.


*puts out hand to shake on it*