Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ritual End

It's the end of the year 2005. Isn't it time for some sort of recap or something? Well, I don't know if I'm up for all that, but I'll give a small list of my favorite albums/concerts in 2005. Just in the name of required posting.

Please note, that I'm not necessarily saying these are the best albums or concerts. I'm saying they're the ones I enjoyed the most. There is a big difference.

Here you go (in no particular order):

Favorite Albums of 2005
Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything
Roadrunner United - The All Star Sessions
Better Than Ezra - Before The Robots
Luce - Never Ending
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Bloodhound Gang - Hefty Fine
Mudvayne - Lost And Found
Ill Nino - One Nation Underground
Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Favorite Concerts of 2005
Collective Soul @ Irving Plaza, New York, NY
Roadrunner United @ The Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers @ B.B. King's, New York, NY
Mindless Self Indulgence @ Webster Hall, New York, NY
Better Than Ezra @ Irving Plaza,New York, NY
the amber code @ Brooklyn Music Terminal, New York, NY

Happy 2006, jerks!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nelson Keeps 'Em On

Have you noticed the We All Have AIDS posters around? I have seen them here and there, and twice tonight while waiting for a subway I got to have a look at one real close like.

Each poster had a slightly different configuration of celebs and dignitaries standing there in their black and white glory. Both posters had a common denominator of Nelson Mandela. Now, the thing that stuck me most (and maybe this is shallow to be slightly overlooking the AIDS message), was that Nelson Mandela was the only one wearing shoes. Everyone else was sans footwear. Even "Dame Elizabeth Taylor" got down to just feet.

What's up with Nelson's shoe-wearin' feet?

I see he has a cane, but what is going on down there? Fungus? Sores? Athlete's foot? I'd like to even think that perhaps his legs are fake. Nelson Mandela with one of those Cheetah style legs would be cool.

Obviously I don't know what the deal is, but if someone else does I'd love to hear it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Something Looks a Bit Fake

My name is Tori Spelling and I love my fake tits! Hooray me!!!

Actress Tori Spelling arrives at the fifteenth annual Soap Opera Digest Awards in Los Angeles in this February 26, 2005 file photo. Months after splitting from her first husband, former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star Tori Spelling is engaged to her new boyfriend, actor Dean McDermott, celebrity magazines Us Weekly and People reported on December 27, 2005. REUTERS/FSP/Rose Prouser/Files

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ho Ho Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah (or Chanukah, Hannukah, Hanukah, Chanuka, Chanukkah, Hanuka, Channukah, Hanukka, hang, hang, and Haines, depending upon your preference) to all my Hanukkah celebratin' peeps.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Worst Hangover Ever

And this is why you don't run out on a football field and head for the opposing team's bench during a game:

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison slams a fan to the turf after he ran onto the field during the fourth quarter of the Steelers' 41-0 NFL win over the Cleveland Browns Saturday, Dec. 24, 2005, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas to all my Christmas celebratin' peeps.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Finally Something Funny

Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live this past weekend? As usual, it wasn't very funny, but there was a rap by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg that had me dying. Check it ~here~


Dear Transport Workers of America, Local 100,

Go fuck yourselves.

Me (and everybody else that your greedy asses are inconveniencing today and beyond -- pretty much everyone who lives in the New York Metropolitan area)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

3rd Street Development

All this talk in the news yesterday and today about Arrested Development made me realize that I didn't even mention my big star sighting while I was in L.A.

What an idiot I am!

The first day in L.A., I was walking along the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, just checking out the scene and who is standing there talking on the phone? Tony Hale aka Buster Bluth!

It was all I could do to play it cool and not go take a photo or tell him Arrested Development was the only thing worth watching on television and that Fox must be retarded to be canceling it or at least mumble, "Hey, brother" while I walked by.

That L.A. sure is somethin'.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Take A Looksee

Here are some selected photos from my New York --> Denver --> Los Angeles --> New York journey (if you want to see more let me know and I can send you a link with the whole lot):

The Denver Airport is one of the best airports I have ever been in. It is new, well lit, has decent food/shopping options and my favorite plus -- bathrooms that serve an extra function from most. The bathrooms are also tornado shelters! So, if tornados make you feel like you might shit your pants, no problem.

Pee and shelter

Here is a shot I took at the Avalanche vs. Sabers game in Denver. Marek Svatos works some magic on a penalty shot to tie the game up. The crowd went apeshit. I blew up the actual goal in the lower left corner there, so you can see my luck skill of catching the puck just as it crosses the line. Pretty sweet.

It's in the goal

As you can see from the difficulty my friend Scott is having in this photo, in Denver pool can be quite challenging.

Distractions from all sides.

This doesn't really have much of a story. I just liked the shot.

Garden at the Getty Center

We went to see this fella, Hodges Taylor at The Mint. He's not bad, and he photographs really funky.

Streaky Hodges

One day while Gabe (who I was visiting in L.A.) was working, I gave his bike a quick tuning and went for a ride. Here I am at the beach in Venice. Just a little bit before this timer shot of yours truly, there was some beach punk trying to tag the path on the beach. I rode right through his work, much to his dislike. I have some hope that incident will rekindle the East Coast/West Coast rap feud.

Bill and bike

I think this might be the best star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

The stars at night, are big and bright, clap clap clap clap ...

As some of you know, Gabe only learned to drive right before he bailed out of NYC. Look at him now! Driving on the P.C.H. with two passengers ... with only one hand!

The Natural
And that is all for now...

End communication.

I Don't Need Your News

In the last class I took, my professor was constantly stressing how important it is to keep updated on the news and current events. Well, while I was away I managed to know practically nothing about current events and everything worked out just fine.

Education is for suckers.

In response to Kenneth, the trip went well. It was fun to hang with Gabe and Matt. Nothing gay happened and so far I don't seem to have any staph-related funk or anything else that requires medical attention. I think there is some sort of incubation period though, so I'm not counting myself cootie free yet.

Assorted photos to follow.

Monday, December 12, 2005


In case any of you have been wondering, I have been away on a little vacation. Out in Denver and then Los Angeles. Perhaps I'll share with you some details/photos later if I get into the spirit.

On my flight home last night (actually early this morning) I had a window seat. As we neared planet Earth, I looked out the window to see if I could tell where we were exactly. I look down, and what is below me? My place of employment.

Work. What a crappy "Welcome to the End of Your Vacation" that is.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Out Damn Spot

I was just downstairs in my building doing laundry. There is an older woman also doing laundry and I notice that after she put her wet clothes into the dryer, she busts out a can of Lysol® Disenfectant Spray. She gives the whole mouth of the dryer a spray and then gives a quick blast into the dryer over her clothes. I was at first thinking that maybe she had some sort of germ issue, but then thought better of it. Ya know, maybe she knows a laundry secret I don't, or perhaps she just likes the way that Lysol Spring Waterfall® Scent makes her clothes smell.

Then as she is walking back over to the washers for more of her stuff, she sprays her hands. Holy Crap! Sprays her fucking hands with Lysol®! I guess she really does have a germ issue. I hope I never get wacky like that.

Germ issue or not, I can't imagine that spraying your hands with Lysol® is good good for you.