Thursday, December 1, 2005

Out Damn Spot

I was just downstairs in my building doing laundry. There is an older woman also doing laundry and I notice that after she put her wet clothes into the dryer, she busts out a can of Lysol® Disenfectant Spray. She gives the whole mouth of the dryer a spray and then gives a quick blast into the dryer over her clothes. I was at first thinking that maybe she had some sort of germ issue, but then thought better of it. Ya know, maybe she knows a laundry secret I don't, or perhaps she just likes the way that Lysol Spring Waterfall® Scent makes her clothes smell.

Then as she is walking back over to the washers for more of her stuff, she sprays her hands. Holy Crap! Sprays her fucking hands with Lysol®! I guess she really does have a germ issue. I hope I never get wacky like that.

Germ issue or not, I can't imagine that spraying your hands with Lysol® is good good for you.

1 comment:

Kenneth Walsh said...

I'd bring some to Gabe's bachelor pad. God only know what type of staph is living over there.