Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nelson Keeps 'Em On

Have you noticed the We All Have AIDS posters around? I have seen them here and there, and twice tonight while waiting for a subway I got to have a look at one real close like.

Each poster had a slightly different configuration of celebs and dignitaries standing there in their black and white glory. Both posters had a common denominator of Nelson Mandela. Now, the thing that stuck me most (and maybe this is shallow to be slightly overlooking the AIDS message), was that Nelson Mandela was the only one wearing shoes. Everyone else was sans footwear. Even "Dame Elizabeth Taylor" got down to just feet.

What's up with Nelson's shoe-wearin' feet?

I see he has a cane, but what is going on down there? Fungus? Sores? Athlete's foot? I'd like to even think that perhaps his legs are fake. Nelson Mandela with one of those Cheetah style legs would be cool.

Obviously I don't know what the deal is, but if someone else does I'd love to hear it.

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