Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Take A Looksee

Here are some selected photos from my New York --> Denver --> Los Angeles --> New York journey (if you want to see more let me know and I can send you a link with the whole lot):

The Denver Airport is one of the best airports I have ever been in. It is new, well lit, has decent food/shopping options and my favorite plus -- bathrooms that serve an extra function from most. The bathrooms are also tornado shelters! So, if tornados make you feel like you might shit your pants, no problem.

Pee and shelter

Here is a shot I took at the Avalanche vs. Sabers game in Denver. Marek Svatos works some magic on a penalty shot to tie the game up. The crowd went apeshit. I blew up the actual goal in the lower left corner there, so you can see my luck skill of catching the puck just as it crosses the line. Pretty sweet.

It's in the goal

As you can see from the difficulty my friend Scott is having in this photo, in Denver pool can be quite challenging.

Distractions from all sides.

This doesn't really have much of a story. I just liked the shot.

Garden at the Getty Center

We went to see this fella, Hodges Taylor at The Mint. He's not bad, and he photographs really funky.

Streaky Hodges

One day while Gabe (who I was visiting in L.A.) was working, I gave his bike a quick tuning and went for a ride. Here I am at the beach in Venice. Just a little bit before this timer shot of yours truly, there was some beach punk trying to tag the path on the beach. I rode right through his work, much to his dislike. I have some hope that incident will rekindle the East Coast/West Coast rap feud.

Bill and bike

I think this might be the best star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

The stars at night, are big and bright, clap clap clap clap ...

As some of you know, Gabe only learned to drive right before he bailed out of NYC. Look at him now! Driving on the P.C.H. with two passengers ... with only one hand!

The Natural
And that is all for now...

End communication.

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Kenneth Walsh said...

Is that a bitchin' Ford Taurus?