Sunday, May 13, 2007

Man, That's Refreshing

I keep stumbling upon this retarded ad for Skoal Citrus Blend:

I'm not much for analyzing ads, but every time I see this I think there are some major problems going on.

First, is the gal in the background with the surfboard. Where the fuck is she going? There are no waves anywhere in sight and unless a tsunami comes I don't think there will be. Sorry honey, but that's the way some of these reef-protected tropical islands work.

Second (and this is the big one, at least in my eyes), is these idiots jumping off the boat. Check out the two girls closest to them. The water barely comes up to their thighs. That leap from the boat is going to hurt. The water isn't going to do a damn thing to cushion the impact. Those three midair jackasses are going to hit the water, the packed sand below, break their legs, scream, swallow their Skoal, throw up and then get dragged to some shitty hospital where they will stay for the remainder of their vacation. They will not be getting laid, getting tan or having fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them. How embarrassing. But shit, maybe that is just one of the best ways of "discovering local flavor."



- Stacey - said...

I wanted to comment so bad but I'm laughing again. You crack me up, which is why I'm always here.

- stacey - said...


Dave said...

You are a fag. People smoke, People chew. Leave it at that and stop being such a judgemental son of a bitch. Its an ad who cares. You ever watch commercials, they don't make sense either donkey dick!

WJR said...

Really, I'm a fag, Anonymous Dave? I guess I must be if I bring up some inaccuracies in a magazine advertisement I ran across. Might I mention that ad was on the back cover of Playboy. Not a very "faggy" magazine.

I wish you had a blog I could read. I bet it's awesome and smart and funny and full of insightful observations. Why are you so angry? Did you make this ad? I know people smoke and people chew. I've even done it. Wow! It's so crazy! I didn't even say anything about chew being bad. I just thought the ad was funny and completely inaccurate. And commercials don't make sense? Man, you're the smartest. Thanks for pointing that out. And donkey dick? Good one. You really got me.

Also, this post was from almost a year ago. Thanks for keeping up.