Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Red vs. Blue

Ah, college ...

A few photo notes:
  1. This photo is from this link: http://www.dmbtabs.com/redick.jpg (by way of a long chain of emails). Well, I cut off the /redick.jpg portion of the URL and see that this is posted on a Dave Matthews Band site. Odd.
  2. I like the guy with the "ly Gay" sign. If someone was to show me a lineup of everyone in the photo sans signs and ask me to try to choose who was going to fuck with those dorky Duke fans by negating their sign by holding up the word "gay" I guarantee I would choose him.
  3. Speaking of the dorky Duke fans, you have to like them. They clearly are in the wrong section, but are still rockin' the Duke colors, jersey and sign. Big balls or just idiots? My guess is idiots.
  4. The Duke guy without the sign can clearly see that this whole thing is going nowhere good. He should try negating the gayness.
  5. How is it that the "ly Gay" guy has a red marker with him so he could continue on with Maryland supporting color scheme? That red marker alone deserves some sort of school spirit award.
I repeat. Ah, college ...


Anonymous said...

If I were to choose who I want my three year old son to be like in 18 years, it would be the big dude.

Which brings up a quote from the great philosopher Homer J. Simpson.

"The only guys that wear Haiwaiian shirts are gay guys and big fat party animals. And Bart is not a big fat party animal."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything about ACC basketball and MD fans in particular, should be able to fugure out that the two "Duke fans" are MD fans in disguise. Why? For this photo op. No fans of opposing teams (especially Duke) are stupid enough to wear team jerseys and hold signs in the MD student section unless they have a battery-repelling force field around them.
A clever and well executed plan, no doubt. It's just not what it appears to be.