Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Keep Your Youngens Away

I don't often remember dreams that I have, but last night I had a dream that I actually remember. Remember at least enough to be slightly disturbed. Here it is, so analyze at will ...

I am hiking. I don't know where, but it isn't an overly difficult hike. Sort of wide carriage trail style trails like they have at Lake Minnewaska.

For some reason I am holding a baby. I have no idea as to why or who the parents of this baby are. As opposed to a nice papoose or baby backpack as would be prudent and more comfortable for all parties, the baby is all wrapped up in a blanket, sort of like they always have baby Jesus wrapped up in Christmas pageants.

Anywho, despite the fact that the hike is fairly easy, I get off track and find myself sliding down a hill half on my feet and half on my ass. The hill is all loose dirt and shale, so there isn't much of anything to grab onto that isn't sliding along with me. I'm doing my best to protect the baby which is resulting in a lot of banging and scraping of my own self. It is a mess. I'm sliding feet first, baby in one arm, with the other elbow scrapping the rocks. I occasionally try to shoot my hand out to try to latch onto something solid. Unsuccessful on all attempts.

I see that the hill I'm sliding down leads to a drop off and I am in some serious shit unless I grab onto something. I small tree is coming up, but I definitely need two hands to grab that thing and save my, and the baby's ass. I grab the baby blanket in my teeth nice and tight and make a grab for the tree ... Got It! Just as I start to feel relieved and a bit triumphant, I notice that all I now have in my teeth is a blanket. The baby had slipped out and must have slid right over the edge.

As you might imagine, upon that discovery I was pretty upset. I woke up right around there, so I don't know for sure that the baby didn't have wings or land on a trampoline or was saved by an eagle flying by, but I tend to assume the worst.


So, to all of you knowledgeable in dream meanings feel free to let me know what that was all about. For those of you who have children or children on the way (Andrew), you may want to think twice about having me take your wee ones on hikes.


mike said...

Dude, I know what happened to the baby. It actually fell into a dream I was having, and I ended up molesting the shit out of it. So no worries. It was fine.

dave said...

clearly, this dream means you are gay. oh, and if anyone's interested, i have come really cheap cialis for sale.

dave said...

whoops. i typed come instead of some. i hope that mistake never somes up again.