Monday, March 13, 2006

Check Yourself

Dear Rachael Ray,

You know, I used to find you OK to watch on the ol' Food Network every so often. I even have one of your cookbooks (a gift) and it comes in handy on occasion. Well, you have overstayed your welcome in my eyes. You are on the tube way too much, you wear really unflattering shirts and worst of all, your use of E.V.O.O. for a shitty acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is maddening. Just fucking say "olive oil" or if it really has to be extra virgin, just spit it out. I know you are trying to save time so you can make an entire meal in 30 minutes, but come on! E.V.O.O.? That's NOT a time saver and it is NOT going to sweep the cooking world and make you some sort of word originator. It IS annoying. Get your shit together. Take a look at some of your old shows and compare with some recent ones. I think even you will notice how annoying you have become.



Anonymous said...

Bill -- You are a genius. Rachel Ray is the most annoying woman who has ever lived. Everytime I see that annoying face I want to stick my finger down my throat and puke all over the TV.


lz said...

Thanks for being the only guy in America who doesn't think she's cute--or at least doesn't say so. You too, AP, whoever you are. I guess that's two guys. (She actually whored herself out for "Maxim" last year. Retarded.) She makes me want to stick to microwave dinners.

WJR said...

That Maxim spread was not sexy either.

Meg said...

The EVOO thing isn't even that much of a time saver because she says "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" first and THEN says EVOO immediately following, every single fucking time. It's actually a time waster. She has to let us know how she is so goddamned quirky and irreverant she abbreviates oil.

And good point about her shirts. You'd think if you were filmed behind a counter all day you'd spend all of your fashion energy on your top and (if you were me) not bother with pants at all. But whatever.

I will, however, continue to buy her books. She just doesn't need to be on TV with a frequency that rivals Law and Order.

the end

love meg.

Natalie said... sticks,

I don't want to rock your world, but did you know that Rachel Ray now has her very own magazine? Her annoying-ness is rubbed all over the pages.

jess said...


TinaPoPo said...

I can say with no small amount of pride that I have never watched her. And yet, after just reading about this "EVOO" thing, I'm annoyed. Does she pronounce it as "evoo" or does she say each letter on its own? Not that one is better than the other.

WJR said...

Oh, she pronounces each letter. E-V-O-O. So annoying. And Meg's comment is so right. She does say "E-V-O-O" and then adds "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" for those who don't know what the hell she is talking about.

You should watch an episode of "30 Minute Meals" some night for a taste of her madness.