Monday, March 27, 2006

Not Here

There's no denying that I enjoy discussing bodily functions. Well, when I'm alone with nobody to talk to, I find that signs pertaining to dog's bodily functions sometimes will work as a substitute.

Just when I was starting to feel lonely on my walk home from work and in need of a little juvenile humor I came upon this pick-me-up:

I don't know if it is new or if I just finally noticed it, but this sign on the wall of 333 (half evil I guess) East 14th Street was just what the doctor ordered. Not as funny as this one, but what is?

By the way, building owners ... I don't think dogs can read and even if they could, they certainly can see a sign hung five feet above the ground.

1 comment:

Kenneth Walsh said...

I sure wish they had one of these outside my building on 18th Street.

There was a homeless guy taking a do-do in front of my building the other day. He was crying as he did it (as was I).