Monday, January 1, 2007

Back To A Clean Slate

So today is a new year. Two thousand and seven! How unexciting.

Last night I did something different for my kicking the old year out and welcoming the new year in routine. I did a 4 mile run in Central Park. Not just by myself. I'm not that much of a loser. I did this. Myself, my wife, three other friends and 5,000 other idiots starting the year off with healthy style. I was concerned that it might have been yet another mistake to add to my list of 2006 retarded moves or a poor, unfestive start to 2007, but when I woke up this morning with some slightly sore legs instead of a headache and cottonmouth, I realized I may have done myself a pretty sweet service. It was fun and wacky and certainly the healthiest thing I have ever done on January 1.

I was trying to recap my previous New Year's activities (it's a tad blurry) and I think this may be the first December 31 to January 1 transition where I haven't been at least drunk, if not completely shitty in 16 years. That figuure makes me feel (a) gross and unhealthy and (b) old.

[In the name of full disclosure, I did have four beers throughout the night, but I don't think that messed with my wits at all.]

Anywho, it's now a new year, so drunk or not, I hope all of you had a nice evening and will have a kickass '07. Leave the stupid bullshit from '06 behind and start fresh. This means you! (and me too). Try my resolution if you'd like. It's this: Don't be an asshole. Word on the street is that this is doomed to fail, but I don't like that street's negativity. Not one bit.

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Kenneth Walsh said...

Healthier than helping me hang shit on my walls? I thought I gave you quite a workout that year.