Thursday, July 14, 2005

The ABCs of APs

I guess there are a few things that need to be addressed about the A.P. in question from my last posting and the comments related to said posting.

The A.P. firing off comments like the LAPD fires their guns is NOT the Associated Press. A.P. is also NOT the A.P. who used to work with me. The A.P. discussed is my former roommate from college. I would just put everyone's real name down, but I'm guessing none of them want their name associated with this blog, me or being searchable by the information superhighway in general.

Let's compare the A.P.s shall we?

The news organization A.P. - likes distributing news/photos, making rules, and ... well, keepin' it real I guess. They'll let you know all the things you need to know when writing news type stuff. Like these two need to know entries from the AP Stylebook ...
  • Dr Pepper - A trademark (no period after Dr) for a brand of soft drink Headquarters is in Dallas.
  • kids - Use children unless you are talking about goats, or the use of kids as an informal synonym for children is appropriate in the context
  • Oreo - A trademark for a brand of chocolate cookie held together by a white filling. The use of the word by blacks indicates belief that another black is "black outside but white inside."
The A.P. who used to work with me - likes Space Ghost, Long Island, legal matters, Kelly Ripa, rockin' out and he often wears goofy shirts

The A.P. from college - likes beer, iguana feces, strip bars, Bruce Springsteen, smashing pumpkins (not the band, just the big orange vegetable), sleeping, and talking shit

So as it turns out, it may be the same initials, but certainly not the same.

Now that we've got that all figured out perhaps we can move on. Oh, special request granted for Anise -- Fuck you Associated Press! Fuck you and your not-for-profit news providing cooperative!


Anonymous said...

Fuck Fiber too!


Anonymous said...

Bill.....I believe a wise man once told you, "erg like a champion."

Now, the same wise man tells you "blog like a champion." Yes, like you've never blogged before.

All debts are now settled.

You ARE special.


Anonymous said...

Blog Away Bill, Blog Away......oh and FUCK All known variations of AP, unless of course, they are cool.


doe said...

thanks bill. telling not-for-profits off is always a great way to end a post.

what shall it be next post? the ASPCA? can i get a in-yo-face to all those abandoned puppies out there?