Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Frosty Beverage

On my way home from work today I bought a cup of lemonade from some little girls who had a little business going on the corner of Irving Place and 15th Street. They even had a little plastic cash register to store their loot (which they seemed to have quite a bit of cash -- I saw a ten dollar bill in there). $1 for a Styrofoam cup full of lemonade and some ice. Just what I needed to chase the heat way for a few blocks.

Beyond enjoying the lemonade, I always feel I'm doing some sort of good deed by purchasing drinks from young entrepreneurs because I recall trying that lemonade venture on my street when I was young. It was always unsuccessful. The traffic on my street was minimal and foot traffic was pretty much non-existent so I would usually drink the profits and then pack that venture up for the year. Plus I know I wasn't selling it for anywhere near a dollar a cup. It was probably more like 10 cents. Man kids are greedy these days! Thanks and you're welcome little girls.

I'm wondering if Ben Harper is going to get his ass off his tour bus (parked right across the street) and buy a cup before his show at Irving Plaza this evening? That would be nice.

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