Saturday, November 5, 2005

Everyone Likes Proposals

God knows there are already enough political bloggers out there and God knows in most cases I could give zero shits about politicians and political ways, but seeing that election day is coming up, I would like to give this brief political rant/suggestion for my voting New York Staters and even more so, New York Cityers. Here it is: Vote 'Yes' on the Transportation Bond Act.

I'm sure someone will manage to piss away the money received, but it is worth a shot, no? Roads need to be fixed (which I really don't care much about), and this will assist in that, but more importantly, this might give us a chance at better subway, bus and commuter rail options. That means cleaner air, less irritating commutes, more AirTrain and even better shit for you jerks on Long Island.

The cons? Well, some say the state is already too far in debt and we shouldn't be adding more. I say, "Who gives a shit!?" The state is always in debt. Hell, so is the nation. This will help us long-term, so just run that debt up!

Here are some details (if you think these are too one-sided, I'm sure you can find more pros and cons with a little research):
The MTA:
Transportation Alternatives:
A WNYC news brief:

Happy voting.

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