Monday, November 28, 2005

Puzzling Photo

My parents were in town this past Tuesday through Saturday for Thanksgiving plus bonus days on each end. That all went well, including the Alton Brown inspired turkey (if you'd like to borrow my brinein' bucket just let me know).

On Saturday, before my parents left, we did some wondering and wound up at Grand Central. While we gawked at the ceiling and the other tourists someone came and asked if I would take a photo of their little group. I agreed. Now, I'd like to add, the arrival of digital cameras has really taken the fun out of this ritual. Now there is no surprise as to whether a random stranger took a good photo for you or not. Now you just know immediately. The fear, the wonderment and the fun, all gone. Damn you, technology!! Damn you all to hell. Anyway, after I took the photo, I headed back home and left my parents to fend for themselves until they got on their train. My mother (who talks to anyone and everyone) calls me later on that evening to let me know that she ran into the woman in the group I photographed in one of the GTC stores and (of course) had struck up a bit of a conversation. As it turns out, one of the guys in the photograph was this guy.

That's right! I am a photographer of celebrities and don't you forget it.

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Brigita said...

Will Shortz! That is so cool. I was a NY Times Crossword junkie for years. Also, New York Magazine had a list recently of what people's salaries were, and incorrectly quoted his on the low end. He got annoyed and wrote them a letter of what his REAL salary was. You should have mugged him. Forget the picture.