Monday, November 7, 2005

Peace For Some, Hoods For All

I was e-mailed the following photo from my buddy Tas who is off in Iraq doing his thing. Tas says, "Just want to start getting the word out about what we really do here."

The kids in the photo are Shiites after receiving clothing donated by Americans (not only do we get Saddam off their backs, but we hook them up with some clothes too).

That kid on the left loves the new hood he received. Rumor has it the rest of the jacket is somewhere in that bag. The kid on the right probably isn't going to get shit because his hood-wearing older brother isn't going to share, but he remains in good spirits. "Thumbs up bitches!"

But seriously, take it from Tas who is actually sitting right there in the middle of it all and not just watching CNN like the rest of us slobs, the U.S. is doing some good over in Iraq and cleaning shit up slowly but surely. So keep up your support and maybe the donated hoods and jeans will convince the suicide bombers to cut the shit and we can get our troops home soon (or at least concentrate on hunting Bin Laden a bit).

Thanks Tas. Keep that head of yours on a swivel and tell all the guys with you that we appreciate their efforts.


TinaPoPo said...

Thanks, Tas! We owe you guys everything.

TAS said...

All of us appreciate your support, Bill and I have an agreement that I will get as much info out as I can. Thanks, Tas.