Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crossbreeding the Annoyance

We have a television mounted on the wall at work. Usually, we have something that makes us look like we are on top of our game -- you know, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, etc. Well, today Ch. 7 (ABC) has been on all morning. It was fine until 10:00 ... God, no! The Rachael Ray Show.

The sound was really low so at least I couldn't really hear her squawking, but it is still awful to watch her animated excitement and interest. I was just starting to achieve my goal of ignoring this madness, when her guest comes out. I'm not sure if things could get any worse. It's Dr. Phil. Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil. It's like a tag team of awful.

They cook, they smirk, they chat, they giggle, they touch, they laugh ... P U K E !

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