Thursday, September 14, 2006

It Isn't Breaking The Rules If The Comments Come From Someone Else

I made a little rule for myself to stop writing about Rachael Ray anymore, because (a) it just gives her more exposure that she doesn't need or deserve (b) it's not very nice and (c) watching her drives me nuts, and to get material I would have to watch.

Today, I'm on the computer and my wife is watching Rachael whip up some 30 minute meals. The comments coming from behind me were too good to not put on record. During one 30 minute show, here are some comments my wife made that almost took away the pain of Rachael's annoying voice pumping abbreviations and alliteration into my ears. I couldn't have said it better myself:
God, your ass is getting huge!

Of course you can, look at your fucking gut.

What is wrong with your boobs!?

Rachael: I put butter and cheese on lots of things.
WJR's wife: Like your toothbrush?

Obviously, rules are made to be broken.


Anonymous said...

That's gold, WJR, gold. Too bad it came from the Mrs. who I always liked better.

A monkey could have written this.


TinaPoPo said...

ha ha ha
"Like your toothbrush."
God bless your wife.

Lozo said...

AP is right. Perhaps you need to jump into that whole Half Naked Thursday thing.

WJR said...

Lure me with any gimick you want, Lozo. You will not see me naked. Half or otherwise.