Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's taken me a bit, but I am finally going to mention the highlight of my weekend. Saturday, thanks to my friend Shane's urging and Subarau piloting I went to Long Island (yuck!) to see something called Suburban Brawl. Sounds awesome, yes? Indeed it was. Suburban Brawl was roller derby. A double header of ladies roller derby to be exact. First up was Wicked Wheelers of the West vs. East End Ladies of Laceration, followed by Manhattan Mayhem vs. Queens of Pain.

It was good shit. Good competition, some aggression, some crashes, great competitor and referee names, some falls into the fans (aka me) ... I guess the word I'm looking for here is entertaining. It was fucking entertaining.

I got me some photos so you can get a wee taste of what it all looks like. I'd recommend that you go see if for yourself though so you can get the full effect --

Instead of some CDs filling the air with pre-competition firin' up, roller derby gets a real band.
They were rockin' it pretty hard.

Warning signs everywhere. Warning signs ignored. I sat front row, right on turn two -- the center of wipeout alley.

Two of the "pivots" lock it up.

Queens of Pain's Suzy Hotrod blurs by.

Slamtime. Nice!

Official recap here
Official photos here

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