Monday, October 30, 2006

Hombre Loco Del Pollo

Back in the days when my office was located in New York City instead of Jersey City I did a good share of lunching at a place we like to call "Chicken Man" but was really just one of the many halal food carts scattered around my office and the rest of the city. $4 for lamb or chicken (or a combo if feeling crazy) with rice and salad. You can't beat that. Sure there is the chance that you may find a chunk of metal in your food or perhaps shit your pants before you are even through with your meal, but it's still worth it.

Anyway, it seems as though my first choice Chicken Man was the scene of a disagreement that didn't end so well:

I'm guessing that this is the sort of food purchase transaction Allah would approve of.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. Just the other day, I told someone, "I can kill for a falafel right now."


Lozo said...

at least he didn't give the guy four days worth of shits. i was begging for death by day 3.