Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Week In One Post

It's unfortunate that I haven't been blogging lately as I have actually had shit to talk about for once. Well, I'm back now so I'll give you a brief overview so you don't feel lost.

Late last week I got some job news. My company has restructuring plans in motion which involves consolidating all the current U.S. bureaus down to just two. Two bureaus. Two cities. Chicago and Dallas? No. New York and Los Angeles? No. It's going to be Cleveland and Albuquerque. Yup, Cleveland and Albuquerque. As I don't have any big desire to move to either place, I'll be officially out on my ass on April 1, 2007 (if not before). I'm sure there will be much more about this to come.

Monday, my good high school friend, visiting from Massachusetts, came over with his wife and kids for some dinner. I made a pretty kick ass chicken. Whole. Roasted. Garlicky. Delicious. I also got to see my friend's youngest barf on him at least three times. That never gets old. Good times.

Tuesday, I went to the Nokia Theatre to see Trivium. They rocked pretty hard. I felt slightly older than I like to feel, but also slightly more metal than I have in awhile. Here's a video that someone was nice enough to make available for me (and you):

Wednesday, I went to Webster Hall to see Basement Jaxx (yes, that's back-to-back concerts). They were fucking great. I'd say one of the top 10 shows I have ever seen. Maybe even top 5. I didn't feel old at this show, but I did feel very American as I seemed to be in a room filled with Brits. Dancing, drunken Brits. Something you may want to remember just in case it comes up: the opening band called The Double ... how do I put this politely? They sucked. If I had brought a dog to the show it would have howled in agony the whole set. Avoid them. So, Basement Jaxx = thumbs up, The Double = thumbs down. Nobody has been nice enough to post a video of this show yet. In the meantime, here's a Basement Jaxx video. It involves primates, so you know it's good:

*Update* A concert clip has been added. It's a montage, so try to keep up:

Tomorrow is the 13th. Friday the 13th. I'll be heading to an oral surgeon I have never met, lie in a chair, let him fill me with a drug that will render me "out" and dig four teeth out my face. It should be Friday fun at its best (although probably still better than work). Then it is drugs, ice packs, and X-Men movie marathon and liquidy food intake.

I'll report back when (and if) my brain and face recovers.

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Kenneth Walsh said...

The kid barfed after eating your "kick ass chicken"? Nice.