Thursday, May 5, 2005

90210 and a Cool Colt

Today is everyone's favorite day to act Mexican -- Cinco de Mayo. The fabulous 5th of May. Tequila, Corona, dumb hats, margaritas, saying "Gracias" instead of "Thank you" when someone hands you a drink, etc. You know, all that shit that Mexicans do.

I was remembering back to Cinco de Mayo during sophomore year in college -- the first Cinco de Mayo I remember celebrating with any dedication. It was a good, drunken time.

The day started with some beers at my apartment. I'm guessing they weren't Mexican beers. Probably some Natural Light or something high-quality like that. Then, my fellow Mexicans-for-a-day and I packed up and headed into downtown Poughkeepsie to Cactus Club. There we took full advantage of the Mexican theming and did who knows what for many an hour. At some point we decided to leave and get something to eat. Someone then pointed out that Beverly Hills 90210 was going to be on soon. As un-Mexican (and pretty gay) as that sounds we decide that would be our plan. We stopped at a convenient store and picked up some sandwiches and beer. My beer of choice for this TV viewing was something I had never seen before. "Why not try it" I told myself. So I did. I wander home with a dinner and a 40oz. bottle of Cool Colt. That's Colt 45 with some sort of peppermint infusion. It was sort of like mixing beer and Scope. Despite the disgusting nature of my beverage, I stuck it out to the last ounce, and went back out on the town with a mind full of 90210 and the sexiest beer breath one can possibly have.

I don't know why I am really sharing this story considering it doesn't really go anywhere. I guess I just wanted to reminisce a bit if that's OK.

Good times that Cinco de Mayo. Good times.

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