Friday, January 20, 2006

A Classic

Some one got here today with one of my all-time favorite searches: COUNTRY SINGER THROWS TAMPON ONTO CROWD DURING CONCERT

That search should be inducted into the Internet Search Hall of Fame or in the event that the said tampon throwing did actually occur, perhaps the Country Music Hall of Fame would be more appropriate.


Anonymous said...

That really happened somewhere. I think it was the Violent Fems, but I could be wrong. Either way, an all girl band was getting boo'ed during a performance. The lead singer hiked up her skirt and pulled out her tampon and threw it into the crowd. Sick Shit!!!

Lozo said...

i knew i'd find this blog eventually. this guy is a jerk. no one should read this. one time he poisoned my cheesesteak and i shit for four days straight.

Brigita said...

It did happen. Somewhere in the nineties. Band was called L7, I think.