Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I generally don't consider myself a cat person, but if science could figure a way to make cats like these that would live longer than a day, I'd be first in line to buy one.

Oh yes, this is real.



TinaPoPo said...

Aw. Poor kitty.

I know she said she wasn't going to put the frozen corpse on ebay, but I wonder how much money it would fetch.

Turf said...

wasnt that the monster from one of the sinbad movies?

Anonymous said...

Bill -- Take this photo off the website or I'll never visit here again. I swear, I wont.

That picture really freaks me the fuck out. It reminds me of the monster I used to believe slept under my bed when I was six.


Anonymous said...

i think that pussy is winking at me

Anonymous said...

I want to buy it a monocle and a top hat. Like a littl furry one eyed mister peanut.

Or maybe a tinted monocle for sunny days.

Lots of options here.

Poor little thing.