Sunday, January 1, 2006

Another One Arrives

Happy 2006 everyone. As it has been pretty much every year for the last fifteen years or so, this new year has begun with me feeling mighty hungover. Such a nice foreshadowing of what the year to come holds.

I'm not one for resolutions normally, but today I decided that my resolution would be to eat a corndog. Somehow, despite all of my disgusting eating habits, I've never had one. How this happened is a mystery, but this is the year I right my wrong. Maybe this event will be my ticket to success, although I feel like a state or county fair might be a more authentic locale for this monumental event.

Anyway, I hope I can stick to this tough resolution. I think with your support and encouragement I can. Thanks.

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Dick said...

i'm gonna give stinktown the stinkfinger if i don't get some fresh material on here.