Friday, February 16, 2007

Fostering What Is True And What Is Decent

Dear Catholic Church,

Here's something I thought you should know:
  1. People are going to have sex, condoms or not. Your theories and statements are absurd.
  2. Not everyone in this world is Catholic, therefore they don't follow your rules, suggestions or sexual restrictions.
  3. There are some couples (hint: non traditional male/female couples) that (a) the Church won't recognize and (b) aren't allowed to marry even in non-religious settings, so your theory to abstain until marriage doesn't really fit
Please remove your heads from your antiquated asses.


PS This opinion has nothing to do with my witnessing of Slayer last night.


- Stacey - said...

That's funny. =D

How was Slayer? Is your back fine today?

WJR said...

It was good. Pretty crazy. I plan on giving a report later.

dmbmeg said...

you are so going to hell. save me a seat, cool?