Sunday, February 11, 2007

No More Awards For Me

When will I learn to just not even try to watch award shows?

I find myself much more of a music person than I am a movie person or television person, so I don't really get surprised when I can't deal with the Oscars, and I am smart enough to know I want nothing to do with Emmys, but I've tried watching the Grammy Awards tonight ... it sucks balls! Every year I have to realize this all over again. Well, I have once again have realized it and I will not do it again. This was it. What a waste of time. P fucking U.


- Stacey - said...

Next year, at this time, I'll remind you to stay away from the Grammy's.

But you have to remind me not to eat cheese.

WJR said...

I appreciate the offer of a reminder, but I'm not so sure I can follow through on my end of the deal because cheese is my friend. Cheese is everybody's friend.

- Stacey - said...

Cheese is not my ass' friend.