Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hand It Over

The first weekend in March some friends and I are participating in the Vertical Challenge at Greek Peak up in Cortland, NY. It's 24 hours of skiing/snowboarding to benefit the American Cancer Society. 24 hours of up and down the mountain should make for a lot of falls, a lot of laughs, maybe some crying and definitely some sore legs, but hopefully in the end it will also help fight cancer.

If you would like to donate some of your hard earned money to Team Porkoholics it would be much appreciated and you can do that good deed here. (our team page is a work in progress so get off my back). You smokers should definitely think about this as it's your nasty, black lungs I'm trying to save.

Thanks everybody!

Oh! Also, we may still have some room on Team Porkoholics if you are interested. If you have the urge to join such an elite group, please contact me. If you are qualified and you can pass the stringent Porkoholic's review board, you are in!

24 hours of skiing/snowboarding -- American Cancer Society Vertical Challenge
March 3-4, 2007


mike said...

Oh, this is AGAINST cancer? Sorry, I read your email wrong. Count me out.

WJR said...

Just because your magic makes smoking bans happen wherever you go doesn't mean you are safe from the big C.


campbell said...

If only I was closer to NY and could participate. The stringent Porkoholic's review board would love me and probably offer me a scholarhsip...I love pork, I love snow sports, I love 24 hour events and I didn't get the nickname 'ole black lung' for nuttin! Who's on the team anyway?

Kevin Lui said...

Bust your ass downhill while you still have insurance! I can't donate anything referencing to the old mighty year of the pig! It's against my culture. If this is for charity and not your beer/unemployment fund, I guess I can use the $$ I got from the red envelopes.

Kelly said...

What's the deadline for donations? I want to give, but am broke this week.

WJR said...

I guess the deadline would be Friday of next week (March 2). If you are broke, you don't need to make yourself more broke, but you rich jerks out there better start giving.