Saturday, March 24, 2007

At Least I'll Look Good

Being forever an optimist (yeah right) I'm anticipating a new job (or at least some interviews) so I went out today and bought three suits, three shirts and three ties. Credit card says "thank you" and bank account says "ouch."

Now I better get a fucking job that requires some gettin' fancy or you may find me lookin' fancy for no reason at all. Out at bars, jogging, going to concerts, etc. Or I may very well wind up the best dressed homeless guy you've ever seen, sleeping on a bench in the East River Park.

We'll see.


Lozo said...

we can totally go suit jogging. although, it is more banana hammock jogging weather coming up.

Kevin Lui said...

You can wear one of the suits to the strip joint on your dad's big 75th! At least you'll be the best dress there! You can't steal your dad's spotlight though, so he has to wear a tux. Oh wait, then people might think your dad is at a strip club on his wedding night!