Saturday, March 17, 2007


One St. Patrick's Day ritual I used to like to enjoy, even before I introduced boozing into my ritualistic was, was the McDonald's Shamrock Shake. A frozen treat with a mysterious green color that has the funky taste of mint and mulched up leprechauns. So festive!

I used to get one every year around this time just for the sake of tradition. I don't think I really even like them to be honest. At some point (and I wish I could remember who turned me on to this) someone taught me a delicious, little trick of mixing a standard chocolate shake with the Shamrock, making a minty, chocolatey mashup. Sometimes the McDonald's server wasn't really down with the mixing, but they were easily swayed. Delicious!

Anyway, at some point in college I went to get a Shamrock Shake from my local Mickey D's and they didn't have any. I went to another. They didn't have any. Worst. St. Patrick's. Ever. I went home, busted out the phone book and started calling McDonald's one by one. Eventually I found one but it required quite a drive. After that year, my ambition wavered a bit, and when I couldn't find a shake at my local option I'd give up.

Well, this year I was craving to get back on the tradition wagon. I figured with all the McDonald's scattered in NYC I should be fine. I checked out a couple with no reward. Then I see this article telling how they just don't exist in the New York Metropolitan area. Bullshit.

Despite this article, I decided to take a chance with the McDonald's on Grove Street in Jersey City. I called ahead since the weather was crappy and it is a decent walk to get there.
Me: Hi. Do you have Shamrock Shakes.
McD's: Yes.
Me: Great.
I'm living large!

I get my jacket on and walk out there. The exchange in person was a little different than it was over the phone.
Me: Could I have a Shamrock Shake?
McD's lady: [Blank stare]
Me: Do you have Shamrock Shakes?
McD's lady: We have shakes.
Me: Yeah, I know that, but do you have Shamrock Shakes?
McD's lady: [Confused look]
Me: They're for St. Patrick's Day? They are green? They taste like mint?
McD's lady: We have banana shakes.
Me: What? Banana? No. That's not right.
McD's lady: We have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana.
Me: Thanks anyway.
Fuckin' A that's annoying! What is the problem!? Get some mint up in this town!


- Stacey - said...

I'm finished with you being a whiner about the damned shakes.

What else you got?

WJR said...

I've got nothing. Maybe I just need more time to recover from my letdown.

Greg said...

I'm never in the mood for a milkshake this time of year, but the one time I ordered a shamrock shake a few years back, I was so excited. She gave the shake to me, I walked out to the car, tasted it, and realized it was a vanilla! When I ran back in, she said, "Oh, yeah, we're out of the Shamrock flavoring." I hadn't seen it on the menu since.

McRibs and Monopoly game pieces are more important to the average person I guess.