Monday, January 24, 2005

Always Watching

Lately at work there has been a crackdown on non-work related internet usage. Blog viewing/making, personal e-mail reading/sending, shopping, porn, etc. Well, as if psychic, the latest issue of Playboy (February 2005) has a little thing on their "Raw Data" page of useless stats and facts about this very subject:

How companies spy on employees:
74% track internet surfing
62% run background checks
43% read employees' e-mail
31% look at employees' computer files
18% watch employees on video
12% eavesdrop on phone conversations
7% listen to voice mail
6% give polygraph exams

So, it is nice to know Playboy is looking out for me by letting me know my job isn't the only place of employment flexing its right to spy. It's also nice to know that I don't have voicemail at work nor have I been given a polygraph test, so that eliminates me from 13% of possible scrutiny on this list.

Mmmmmm, lucky 13 ...

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