Saturday, January 15, 2005

Die Practice

I'm riding the M14 bus last night heading for Union Square and this jerkoff gets on and sits in front of me. He's got dice in his hand that he keeps shaking (rattle, rattle, rattle) and then rolling onto the bus floor like he is practicing. Dice aren't something you can practice fucker. They just roll around and land on whatever number they feel like landing on. Practice is futile ... and more importantly really fucking annoying to those around you.

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Anonymous said...

There is actually a quasi religion or system of beliefs which is based upon following the result of what rolling two dice says. Do a search. Albeit this guy is a loser, he may well have been waiting to roll two 6's to enable or allow him to get off the bus, or hi-jack the bus, or fart or something. It's like betting with yourself with random numbers, eg: if I roll a 5 I take a shower, if roll a 3 take a bath, roll a 1 then not bath & smell like shit for the rest of the day, etc... Some people stake their entire daily activities on such beliefs. Life to these people is a gamble.