Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Crazy Like a Fox or Crazy Like a Keg?

I don't want to complain, because my college years were a good time, but sometimes I wish I had gone somewhere different for my higher education. Maybe somewhere bigger or further away from home or with sports teams that make it to bowl games or partake in March Madness, etc. Well, add another thing I didn't take into consideration when making my educational decision. Mascot.

I wound up with the Red Fox as my mascot, which isn't horrible, but look at the "unofficial" mascot of Dartmouth:

It seems pretty great at first glance, but then it gets even better. The mascot's name is "Keggy."

Awesome! I bet that mother fucker can get sports fans fired up or if no sports are in sight, can get a party started before most mascots can even get their big furry heads on.

If only I had studied while in high school. I may have been at an Ivy League school with Keggy instead of hanging out in Poughkeepsie with a fox.


Anonymous said...

Bill -- Being a Red Fox alum, I couldn't agree more. But, take a look at the douche bag that the keg is about to knock over. He's wearing a fucking sport jacket!!!

I don't think humps like that would dress up like a garden salad for halloween or smoke 23 cigars in one day.

Good times....good times.


MDC said...

I always thought we should have been the 'Redd Foxxes.'

Kim said...

Oh Man Keggy....and I come from the OSU Beavers. Yeah imagine being a girl at that college, oh the "funny" jokes never stop.

Anonymous said...

when i was at usc, my trojans pounded your beavers all the time.