Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Drunk, But Still Hip-Hoppin'

Monday night I went to Hip-Hop Karaoke for some old school fun. My favorite part of the night, was when this girl gets up on stage to do the song she has signed up for. She tells the crowd that she is drunk. Everyone enjoyed that, of course. Then she tells the guy who runs the karaoke (and assists those who need extra vocal help) that she is a lawyer. The guy finds it rather cool that right in front of him, he's got a drunk lawyer who likes hip-hop.

The girl says, "Number one, I'm a lawyer. Number two? I'm drunk. And number three? I loooove Tribe Called Quest." The music starts.

So, what could have been the coolest intro to a great karaoke performance, was pretty much an honest intro followed by a drunk girl on stage occasionally adding lyrics when her brain allowed.

It was pretty funny, but the crowd was polite. I guess you have to give credit to those who have the guts to get on stage, unlike myself who steered clear of embarrassment. Maybe next time.

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