Thursday, October 6, 2005

i - Dot

The other day at work we got an e-mail from an angry client. This isn't all that unusual, as someone is always pissed at something. I don't want to reveal too many details as I don't like to incriminate myself with work-based information (hence the "*"), but the gist of this guy's anger was the fact that a phone number was altered on a document that was sent to us that shouldn't have been.

The irritated client isn't funny. God knows I'm all about customer service, and messing shit up is not good. What is funny though, is the third paragraph. I love the sarcastic "Thanks." That's funny. Even better is a simple spelling, or more likely, a typing error. Spelling errors really take the steam out of a furious e-mail. Using the word "iDot" is now all the rage for me in situations where "idiot" would normally be used.


I called to get this release corrected. I would appreciate confirmation when the correction is sent. I just spoke to the *********** ** office and they confirmed that the number that you changed it to before distribution does not work in the UK.

Everything would have been fine in the release but for some unexplained reason the ** bureau dropped the leading 0 from our phone number. A representative said that it was what you had to do to call the number from the US, I agree, but this is a UK distribution.

This release was our grand announcement and now we look like culturally insensitive idots. Thanks.

I don't think I should be charged for the terrible error nor the correction that must be issued.


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lz said...

That is so awesome.