Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Slacking Like A Champ

I know I haven't posted anything in forever and I'd like to thank the anonymous supporter who left this note of encouragement for me. So, as to not be a complete slob, I figured I would at least post this response to the comment. Here you go. I'm blogging again! Woooooooo!!

I don't really have a reason for the lack of posts other than just a general lack of interesting shit to report. I haven't witnessed anything astounding, memorable or even entertaining. I haven't even had any deep thoughts or insights to pollute the world with.


This weekend I have a football game with some jokers I work with on the agenda as well as some in-laws visiting, so hopefully that will lend some shit that will fix this writers block ... or writers apathy as is probably more accurate. We'll see. Until then, try to stay strong and check back often. You can also browse the links down the right side of the page. Perhaps you'll find something of value there.


Anonymous said...

welcome back. it hasn't been the same without you. i miss you. i miss your scent. i miss your musk. when this is done, me and you should get an apartment together!

Anonymous said...

Rickman.....You really suck lately.