Friday, September 30, 2005

Swagger In The Slammer

I have never given a shit about her music, but how I miss the good ol' days when Lil Kim was running around celebrities, fans and photographers all braless and carefree. Now that she is locked up for being an idiot, I guess we won't be seeing any of her craziness for awhile.

Lil Kim MTV Music Video Awards New York 9/9/99
Pic Credit: WENN/ Sidewalk

Her lawyer, L. Londell McMillan said, "I was amazed at just how good Kim looked on my two visits to see her in prison last week. Even in a jumpsuit, Kim still has the style and swagger of a star ... "

Somehow I have a hard time believing that inmate 56198-054 FDC has the same style and swagger at the Philadelphia Detention Center, sporting jail duds (short sleeve, green button down shirt along with green pants and slippers) as she did when she was free.

Stay strong Lil Kim. You'll be out of prison before you know it and right back to making a spectacle of yourself and making shitty music too.

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