Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Best Seats Ever

See the guy's face on the bottom, just to the left of that football player?
He is the most excited I have ever seen anyone when in close proximity of a sweaty football player's ass right after a game. He looks like he is on heaven's doorstep! I'm willing to bet that the digit he is hoisting in a "We're number one" sort of way is heading for an oil check of number eighty-one immediately following this shot.

Woooooooooo. We're number one. Yeaaahhhhhh. (insert favorite Bronx cheer noise here).


dave said...

Even weirder, look at the bottom right side of that pic. There's a guy with his tongue sticking out, and another guy who has turned his head completely around. Nothing says "We just beat Miami" like making out with your buddy with some dude's sweaty ass in your face! Go Seminoles!

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