Sunday, September 18, 2005

Battle of the God(s)

I wish I could have been in California yesterday so I could have joined the California Christians and help protest and possibly put a stop to these pagans.

The two sides differ a bit on their views of the third annual Pagan Pride celebration held on September 17, 2005 at Redwood Circle in the west side of Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif.:

Christians: There is an emergency need for prayer and fasting for central San Diego ... The activities of Pagan Pride are so vile, that this notice could not reveal everything in one writing that they do. Extreme witchcraft, curses, demonic rituals, sacrificial altars and occultism are just some of the highlighted events occurring at Pagan Pride. This is going on in Balboa Park in the same park where thousands of tourists will be as they visit the park and the San Diego Zoo. Hundreds of pagans, witches, warlocks, wiccans, psyhics and black magic practioners are all marching on the park for their demonic festival.

The Pagans: The price of admission is a donation of goods or funds to one of our worthy charities however, no one lacking a donation will be refused admission.

Pagan Pride events taking place across the country will be accepting donations for various charities to help during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people are displaced with many towns destroyed. The hope of many lie with organizations like the American Red Cross to bring them clean water, food, shelter and clothing. We will be collecting monetary donations for the Red Cross to go directly to the hurricane relief. Please bring cash or your checkbook and give generously on September 17th!

Boy those pagans sure seem vile and full of satanic thoughts and actions. Donating food!? Making donations to the American Red Cross!? It's pure E-V-I-L!! They must be stopped!

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TinaPoPo said...

My sister is a "pagan" (I think she's technically Wiccan, but I believe they fall under the same category), and she's not evil or vile. I do, however, know a few "Christians" who could be considered such.