Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day Off For Doctors

I took today off from work for a trip to the podiatrist and the dentist. So fun! Anyway, I did get some X-rays of my feet which was cool. It's not often you get to inspect your retarded bone structure in your feet.

I left $30 poorer, but did get some tape wrapped around my feet which feels nice.

At the dentist there was a new hygienist. Every other time I have been to this dentist he has just done the whole procedure himself, but apparently he is now living large enough to have someone else do his dirty work, so hygienist it is. I wound up getting a filling that I had managed to smash while sleeping fixed by the dentist though, so I didn't miss out on my quality time with him.

Anyway, the hygienist is busting my balls left and right. I think it was good humored busting, but you never can tell with hygienists. Very sneaky, they are. My dentist is very much the opposite of this, so it throws me off a bit.

First, while she is doing the X-rays (yes, more X-rays), she comments on my earrings, "Are you stretching our your ear holes?" I tell her that this is as big as I'm going and she says, "Good, because if they get big enough to fit my finger through I start getting grossed out and I don't think I'd be able to do my job."

Then when doing the cleaning, she is giving me the business about not flossing enough. I'm pretty much guilty as charged there. She goes continues on with, "Your gums shouldn't be bleeding this much unless you are involved with hormone therapy. I presume you're not?"

I got out of there $80 poorer, a numb right side of my mouth and a new found appreciation for being mocked by dental professionals.

A nice day to use the cash on my FSA (finally) and get my deteriorating body a bit of a tuneup.


Anonymous said...

The questions is...what the fuck do you do to your feet that they need to be taped? And, how do you smash a filling while sleeping? That's definately much worse than when I wake up and I'm sobbing for no apparent reason.

Oh, and the ear hole thing.....your hygenist is right.


Kenneth Walsh said...

I'd say someone just got Pirellied!!!!!