Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tickets Will Be In Demand

Personally, I like soccer, but God knows most Americans aren't, so Major League Soccer is always wondering how to get more asses into the seats at their games. Well, perhaps it's a bit too XFL, but maybe MLS should take a page from West Ham United's marketing book and add some cheerleading incentive to entice those who aren't so into the actual sport. Some cheerleaders, a tailor who cuts pants a bit too short, and BINGO! You've got yourself a crowd (and who knows, maybe some of the crowd will even grow to enjoy the game):

West Ham cheerleader
Soccer - FA Barclays Premiership - West Ham United v Aston Villa


Anonymous said...

The team should changes its name to 'Pressed Ham' after those asses.


dave said...

i don't know much about soccer, but if these girls are there, i'd have a lot more interest in getting the ball into the box, if you know what i mean. box is a synonymn for vagina. in the box. ha.