Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Victim

Back in January I encountered a bird wing mystery. Pretty nasty.

Today, while out at lunch I have another encounter with the aftermath of the wing ripper. Different bird, slightly less exposed bone, and only one wing, but certainly the work of the same villain:

The mystery continues.


Lozo said...

you're so stupid.

fairest said...

this person keeps track of bees.

You think she's stupid too, lozo?

WJR said...

In Lozo's defense, I did say something unnecessarily critical to him first.

Lozo said...

wow. all kinds of sarcasm and complete jokingness getting misinterpreted across the net.

i think the bird thing is fucked up. as sick as i am, ripping the wings off birds is even too sick for me.

everything else involving comments and reactions thereof was all in good comedy.