Saturday, April 8, 2006

Friday Night Kick

This past Friday I went to see some asskicking at Mayhem on Mulberry. It was pretty sweet. I was just complaining about how I never see any knockouts at these things -- just beatings -- but in the last fight, Nat McIntyre (from Minnesota), who I thought was looking like the lesser fighter at first, pulled a kick from out of nowhere and landed it on the side of the head of Ahmed Fahim Mohammed (from Egypt). It was fucking sick. It knocked Ahmed's mouthpiece out of his mouth, and down he went to his ass and slumped on the ropes. This was all like five feet in front of me. He was counted out, and then the doctor came into the ring and laid him down and gave him some oxygen. By the time he got to his feet he had a really nasty bruise right around the temple/side of his eye and I swear he had a dent there.

I wish I could have seen him Saturday morning. I bet he looked and felt like he had fallen in front of a bus. Welcome to America, Ahmed.

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