Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bring Your Mom

With some boozing planned for Saturday (with the partial excuse of me getting older) I have had a few wiseass comments from here and there.

My favorite response, which I think was actually serious and not wiseass has come from a gal I work with:
From: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx

how exciting --

I'll come after my mom's wedding reception!


That's the dedication this world needs!

Speaking of the excitement, if you don't have your mom's wedding reception to attend, feel free to stop by for some brews and stupidity. Here are the details:

[The details have been removed due to concern by a few, that I might attract the likes of those who murder children or other undesirables. If you want the details, you can e-mail me, then after a thorough background check I perhaps will let you in on the details.]

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