Saturday, April 15, 2006

F.U. to the E.B.

I was in that odd period, when I was old enough to pretty much do what I wanted to during daylight hours, yet was a few years too young to acquire myself the freedom of a license to drive. So much time available, but what to do?

During this time, my friend down the street had a map of our township and we decided we were going to see how many of the roads in the 52.7 square miles of town we could bike. It was a ridiculous idea, but what else did we have to do over an entire summer? Nothing.

Easter weekend, if I recall correctly, was our inaugural ride. Probably on Saturday. After a good chunk of riding, we get to a fairly busy intersection. There is a guy on the corner dressed in an Easter Bunny costume waving at cars, I guess trying to spread some holiday spirit (aka luring people to shop at the store he was in front of). We pull up near him, and wait for a chance to cross. The bunny turns to us and says, "Get the hell off my corner." Not very much in the spirit of Easter or very consumer friendly. I didn't say anything, as back then I was a bit more quiet and more easily surprised than I am today. My friend however shot right back, "Fuck you Easter bunny." And off we peddled.

Stupid bunny.

I think this may be the very same bunny, obviously further down the same road of evil:

Happy Easter!

I'm celebrating by goin' out drinking. I think that is what Jesus and the Easter Bunny would want.

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Lozo said...

that my friend, is fucking awesome. i love the point.