Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Always Excuses

I know I haven't posted in fucking forever. I also know most of you don't give a fat shit. Actually, more importantly, I realize there isn't really a "most of you" except for A.P. who seems to have gotten so disgusted that he has given up on insulting me and my blogging.

That said, I'll let you know what my problem was/is. First my computer which I only purchased in February died. After two weeks, a new logic board, camera board and disc drive, it was once again ready for action. Unfortunately, this exciting action has been delayed thanks to a lack of internet connection (thank you Time Warner).

So, someone is coming to fix this shit on Thursday but I have just made the realization (without even trying) that my neighbors signal floats into my computer, so I am now sort of online until then.

So, that is my pathetic attempt at an excuse. Welcome back, me.


TinaPoPo said...

Welcome back, you.

We have Comcast (at home and at work) for our internet and it pretty much never functions. I feel your pain.

Kenneth Walsh said...

Is said computer the shiny new Macintosh you bought by any chance?

I hate to say I told you so, but ...

Lozo said...

how's your diseased feces doing?

WJR said...


You were indeed correct. Despite the fixed computer, the internet issue is still not solved. According to the Time Warner guy who came here, our connection is fine, but the computer won't recognize the modem, indicating that the computer still has some sort of issue -- a new issue that was introduced with the fixing.

You warned me, but God knows I'm not a good listener.