Sunday, August 13, 2006

Totally Crossed Out

Last night I went out for a few frosty beverages with my old roommate. First stop was B-Side.

Who was DJing? David Cross. I first saw the sign outside and figured it must be some other David Cross. I mean, why would David Cross be hanging out in the same dumpy place as moi? And as long as I'm asking myself questions, why even bother with a DJ at this place? Either way, as it turns out it actually was the actor/comedian David Cross. I'm not much of a celebrity junkie and even when I see a celebrity, I never say anything or make a big deal, but I still like it.

I generally don't see (or perhaps it's just that I don't recognize) many "famous" folks, but Cross is the third person from Arrested Development I have seen at random. I once saw Kitty Sanchez on 52nd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue. Then I saw Buster Bluth in L.A. And now I can add Tobias F√ľnke to that random list.

Although these cast member siteings are nice, I would still prefer it if I could spot them once a week in full character on my TV like I used to be able to before Fox wrecked it for me.

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