Sunday, August 13, 2006

You Should Be In Art School

Dave has made his own rendition of my parasite:

See it being made here.

Dave does this, not just to create a tribute, but rather because he has an DNA-based issue that forces him to make everything a competition. In this case, he wanted to flex his artistic muscle in an attempt to prove that he is better suited to document the moment than Meg is. I'm not so sure I find myself in agreement that his creation is better, but I suppose art isn't really something that can be judged. Especially computer art of something microscopic.

Thanks for the effort though. Anyone else that feels like making an artistic tribute or being a competitive art dork, feel free to create something (here or otherwise) and e-mail it to me.


Meg said...

The contest rules clearly state we are to draw a parasite. You, Dave, have drawn a sleeping cat with bird feet. Disqualified! I am victorious!

Lozo said...

what the f?!?! i had a bubble thought that was key to the portrait! i've been sabotaged!

and fyi, my parasite was asian.