Monday, August 14, 2006

Buzz Worthy

Newly joined up to the Netflix world, I have been hunting their archives of crap as to fill my brain with even more useless quotes, plots and other pointless brain clogging material. This is my favorite movie synopsis yet:

Killer Bees
When a truck crashes in a small town, releasing a torrent of angry killer bees, it's up to the sheriff (C. Thomas Howell) to convince everyone they're deadly -- but no one except a local beekeeper believes him. And wouldn't you know it? The bees have arrived just when the town's abuzz about the annual Honey Festival. Tracy Nelson (daughter of 1950s icon Ricky Nelson and sister of the hair-band duo Nelson) co-stars in this made-for-TV thriller.

It could be so bad it's good, but somehow I am guessing it is so bad it's shit. Perhaps I will someday get the balls to watch it, but so far, I just can't do it.

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lz said...

Oh, you're just a sucker for anything with a C. Thomas Howell in it. Or is that Kenneth, and you're a sucker for Nelson...?