Friday, September 17, 2004

Lock and Roll

There was a story issued today about Kryptonite bike locks being easily picked by something everyone has access to ... a BIC pen (see a video here or here to see how easy it is to be a bike thief). I had a bike stolen when I was in college so I am a bit edgy when it comes to the possibility of having my present bike stolen too so I "borrowed" a trusty BIC round stic (medium point - black) from work and headed home on a mission to test my locks. The first lock is an old U-lock that I haven't really used since moving to NYC. Upon closer inspection it turns out it wasn't made by Kryptonite, but I tested it anyway. Couldn't pick it. I then tied my big, heavy (6.1 pounds) chain style lock that is made by Kryptonite. No pen is getting that thing open either. ~Sigh of relief~

I did some further research, thinking that perhaps my pen-based lock picking skills were lacking, and found this article clarifying the situation a bit better. Thank goodness the Brits are a little more thorough then the crappy U.S. news. Anyway, if you were too lazy to read the article it says that only two of Kryptonite's locks were pickable with a pen.

So, bike owners ... you may want to check your locks.
and bike thiefs ... just keep walking past my bike. It is a waste of your time.

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justin said...

Just because you couldn't open your lock does not mean that it cannot be opened with a pen. Many people cannot open their lock while others can open the same lock with ease. It's a flaw in the design of tubular style lock mechanisms, not a flaw with a specific Kryptonite lock. This is a well known issue and has been documented long before Kryptonite began making the Evolution and KryptoLock models.

It has been shown to work on even such locks as the older (late 80's, early 90's) style locks with the key hole on the side rather than underneath.

If you have a lock with a tubular key, I would replace it if you care about your bike as much as it sounds like you do.

Just look at the videos, several of them show a lock being opened on the disc lock type (yellow) and that lock is neither the KryptoLock or the Evolution. It works on my lock and mine is a Trek bike lock (with the Kryptonite logo on it).

Have you seen this yet:

Obviously that's not a Kryptonite lock, yet the guy opened it with a piece of caardboard.